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Trail Hiking on the Cheap

In our modern, consumerist society it is easy to lose touch with both nature and the fact that our happiness need not depend on how much stuff we can accumulate. One of the soundest antidotes to both ailments is to take up hiking. It gives one a new appreciation of the beauty of the natural world. And it also provides a salutary reminder that the material essentials for both survival and happiness are little more than food, water, shelter and warmth.

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Book Stores – Enrich Your Knowledge & Wisdom

Books are considered as the best sources of gaining knowledge and wisdom. One can enhance his or her skills and abilities with the help of the books. They are also helpful in improving communication skills and personality of readers. In fact, the readers follow an interesting story with great passion and often find themselves in shoes of the characters present in it. The twists and turns of the tales make a long lasting impact on them.

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